C-FILL a pack


  • Wireless design, Reduce wrist fatigue
  • Holding comfortable ,easy to use
  • Heat plunger has easy -lock structure. and can rotate 360 degree
  • Can be choose heating method according type of heat plunger.
  • Fast heating. quick operation
  • Large capacity battery. double battery charging and spare.


  • Li-ion chargeable Battery: 3.7v 2600mAh
  • Heating time: 5s to 200°C
  • Working temperature: 150°C,180°C. 200°C, 230°C
  • Adaptor Input: 100-240Vac         Output: DC5V,1.5A
  • Heat plunger:F,FM,M,ML

C-FILL β back


  • Wireless handpiece , easy to use
  • Holding and operating very comfortable
  • Exactly temperature-control and thermal protector cap can be avoiding scald
  • Gun needle can be 360 degree rotation, more easy to get the fill position
  • Gun needle screw design, effectively prevent the glue;
  • lt can be at 200 degree in 30S , can be melting all kinds of I gutta percha
  • Large capacity for battery ,which can use long time

This product has been applied layout-design patent,Coutereit must be investigated;NO ZL2014304851457


  • Li-ion chargeable Battery: 3.7v 2200mAh
  • Heating time: 5s 30s to 200°C
  • Working temperature: 150°C,180°C. 200°C,230°C
  • Adaptor Input: 100-240Vac          Output: DC5V,1.5A
  • Heat plunger: 23G,25G

C-Fill set:

  • Volume(cm): 20.5X18X10
  • Weight(kg)/PCS: 2.0
  • Packing material: carton
  • QTY per master carton: 10pc/ctn

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