About Western

Company Profile

Western ISO 9001:2008 dully certified company is working as sole agent/distributor of well-known and reputed brands worldwide for the last three decades (since April 1977). We cover approximately 100% territory of Pakistan with the dedicated services of over 130 highly qualified and professionals appointed in the offices located in all major cities of Pakistan. Western also serves some areas through distributor-network.

Our departments: Dental, Medical, Industrial and  security equipment, are busy in bringing the latest technology in the country available in the global village. We are committed to offer the best products, services and comprehensive environment, enabling the customers to get the maximum benefit of their investment.

The policy of Western is not only to sale the equipment but also to provide support, technical expertise and after sale services, to make our clients satisfied with our products and services, for which Western employs engineers and technicians. To provide the best services to clients and after sale services we have well trained and certified engineers by relevant manufacturers. These technical people are capable of providing technology as well as product training and services to the customers. We keep a close eye at customer’s problems, requirements and advise them as soon as we identify any need of improvement.

Our Missions

We are committed to offer the best:

  • Products.
  • Services and comprehensive training courses to meet the needs in challenging environment.
  • Enabling the customers to get the maximum benefit out of their investment.

Our Objective

  • To manufacture top class equipment and instruments in confirmation of prevailing international standards.
  • To provide high class equipment in affordable range to our customer.
  • To provide professional installation.
  • High class after sales service with quick supply of spares.